Efter at PowerWash Simulator er blevet kult på Steam så er det ikke underligt at det nu kommer til PlayStation og Switch. Square Enix Collective og FuturLab har under Tokyo Game Show annonceret at det allerede udkommer i år. Hvis nedenstående trailer ikke er nok (Tak til Kenny) så kig forbi: https://powerwash-simulator.square-enix-games.com/en-us/

Here’s Kenny Washmore, official powerwashing professional, to explain more:
“If you love powerwashing, you know it ain’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Tangled hoses, electricity, mud, and dirty water…if only there was a way to find that sweet, clean satisfaction without all the hassle! Well, we have the perfect product for you, so YOU can wash like a pro!
“It’s POWERWASH SIMULATOR! Wash away those unnecessary complications and get to the good part. Feel clean, without feeling exhausted! Wash a car, wash a house, even visit far off destinations such as Muckingham, and wash ’em! Cleaning’s never been so fun!
“With POWERWASH SIMULATOR you’ll get the sweet satisfaction of a deep clean without the inconvenience of getting off your couch! For all your dirty messes, only one cleaning simulator will do, and that is POWERWASH SIMULATOR: It’s a powerwash miracle!”