Så er der nok en af de dyreste samleobjekter til forudbestilling. Det er Resident Evil Collector’s Box hvor du kan blive den lykkelige ejer af dine egen kopier af de klassiske dåser med helbredelse, farvebånd til skrivemaskinen og de forskellig urter.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil™, GameFlavor tributes the Resident Evil™ series with the Resident Evil™ First Aid Drink Collector’s Box. This unique, strictly limited collectible transfers iconic items from the virtual screen into the real world. Officially licensed by Capcom, the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box is perfect for hardcore fans and collectors alike and available for pre-order now at https://gameflavor.com/ for €199. 

The authentic storage crate, which visually resembles the in-game model, immediately brings back the memories of Spencer mansion and contains ten first aid spray cans of 330ml each, four ribbon cans filled with spice mixes, a spray cap, matching cocktail recipes and a certificate of authenticity including manual numbering.

The first aid spray is one of the most memorable items from the Resident Evil™ videogame franchise and also the heart of the collectible. In terms of flavor and ingredients, GameFlavor took inspiration from the herbs, spices and fruits found in the game world. The result is a delicious and refreshing drink with a base of green tea enhanced with cucumber and lime-mint and flavored with many unique ingredients. The spray cap allows to present the first aid spray even after enjoying its content.

The ribbons are also one of the items from the Resident Evil™ series that every player of the series will immediately remember. The ribbon cans each contain one of the four different spices from the game, which can be used to mix authentic non-alcoholic Resident Evil cocktails or serve as inspiration for own cocktail creations with the help of the included recipe cards.

The Resident Evil™ First Aid Drink Collector’s Box is a unique collectible experience limited to 4,750 pieces worldwide, made and packaged in Berlin with love for every single Resident Evil fan. Further information can be found via https://gameflavor.com/. Delivery is scheduled for Q4 2023.