Der er nyt fra Private Division omkring Kerbal Space Program 2. I denne udvikler dagbog kommer vi med på et kig på hvor detaljerede planeter er blevet. Så skal du på tur for at udforske himmellegemer så se med her:

In the latest Kerbal Space Program 2 developer video, the team at Intercept Games ponders the strange anomalies of our galaxy and how these unique mysteries have influenced the design behind the planets and other celestial bodies of the dynamic space simulation sequel. 

With new advanced scatter and terrain details, there is something special to discover on every planet. Featuring a wide range of environments from vast deserts to towering mountain ranges, the celestial bodies are more complex than ever before, providing unique challenges and unforgettable journeys for all players. This is especially compelling for returning KSP 1 players, many of whom will be left in awe at the leaps forward in design from the original game.

In the developer video below you’ll find in-depth details about exploring the celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program 2, learning about the varied planets you might discover on your voyage to the stars. Perhaps the most interesting part is that all of these fictional planets are not just potentially real in our own galaxy, but are even based on guidance from astrophysicists such as Dr. Joel Green, who is featured in the video.