Så er der en ny retning til Sims Session hvor EA og Maxim viser hvordan The Sims bliver skabt. Denne gang er det hvordan Anitta synger på simlisk. Desuden er der gang i Spark Something kampagnen som er en hyldest til alle som skaber i The Sims.

EA and Maxis today announced Sims Sessions for The Sims, a series reimagined that demystifies the creative process of recording music in Simlish. The first Sims Sessionswill feature the award-winning Brazilian artist Anitta!

For over 22 years, music has been an important feature for The Sims experience. Along with art and animation, music is key in a Simmer’s storytelling process. Sims Sessions will create a real-world connection to the in-game musical moments, and enable players to experience an artist’s creative spark between their music and a love of Simlish.

To kick off the launch of the new direction for Sims Sessions, global pop star and fellow longtime Simmer, Anitta, who counts Simlish as the sixth language that she sings in, will release Simlish versions of “Practice,” AKA “Prooshtis” in Simlish, for The Sims 4’s in-game pop radio station tomorrow, November 17.

EA and Maxis today announced Spark Something for The Sims, a love note to the creative potential and ongoing commitment to creators for the franchise.

Creativity has been a core value of The Sims for more than 22 years, and the team believes discovery drives their innovation and community forward. Spark Something will come to life with Pass the Spark, a short film that features an incredible cast of creators who use The Sims to ignite their creativity, including:

  • Anitta, global pop star and the first Brazilian artist to win an MTV Video Music Award,
  • Alok, writer and performer who challenges the gender binary,
  • Magnet, queer creative who makes vibrant cakes with playful floral elements; and
  • Bob’s Dance Shop, an entertainment group combining dance, music and fashion to spread joy and encourage self-expression.

Pass the Spark follows The Sims’s iconic green Plumbob as it gets re-imagined and travels from creator to creator, igniting a spark of inspiration that transforms and inspires art, authentic personal expression and the world around us.