Så kommer der mere nyt indhold til Rainbow Six Siege. Det bliver DLC pakken Skull Rain som rammer 2. august. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

New Favela Map and Two New BOPE Operators
In Skull Rain, the Favela map is the most destructible and open environment to date in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Two BOPE Operators, Caveria and Capitão, have been enlisted to provide their expertise of the region and assist local law enforcement in regaining control of the area.

Caveira has a reputation for being a brutal interrogator. She is equipped with the “Luison”, a unique PRB92 with a custom suppressor and subsonic ammunition, which gives her the ability to incapacitate targets quietly. In addition, her “the Silent Step” stealth technique, allows her to lurk on prey undetected.

Capitão is equipped with the Tactical Crossbow TARS Mk0 and has the ability to fire two types of ammunition: lethal asphyxiating bolts and micro smoke grenades that deliver swift and agile assaults.

Improved Gameplay Experience
The development team is committed to continuously improving the gameplay experience by adding new content and gameplay optimization including:

Surrender System for Ranked Matches
If the competition becomes too rough, players can now cast a vote for their team to surrender during a Ranked match. This will end the game and allow players to move onto another match. This new feature will be available prior to the 3rd round.

Custom Game Mode: Tactical Realism
Introducing a new gameplay mode available in Custom Games, Tactical Realism was created to further immersion where tension runs high as players must carefully assess, coordinate, and communicate their movements at all time.

New Attachment: The Angled Grip
Catering to a variety of playstyles, the angled grip accelerates the transition between hip fire and ADS, which allows for an aggressive ad fast-paced playstyle.

As with previous updates, the new Operators are immediately unlocked for Season Pass owners, with exclusive access granted for seven days. All players can then unlock the Operators with Renown or R6 Credits after the exclusive period ends on August 9. The Favela Map will be available for all players on August 2.