Så er der stor opdatering til Valhalla Hills. Valhalla Hills er en farverig oplevelse bygget med Unreal 4 spilmotoren. Denne opdatering får den til yderligere at skinne. Gameplay er tilsvarende The Settlers og Cultures.

Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

Better graphics
Depth of Field will improve the overall look of the game (activate/deactivate this in the Graphics Options, starts from ‘middle’ settings and is visible when you zoom in).
Vikings will now spill (fake)blood. This option can be de/activated in the Graphics Options.
The Viking model went through some slight adjustments. Our Vikings worked out. It’s still not enough for a solid sixpack, but we’re getting there. ;o) As a side effect they now look a bit more fierce. But who wouldn’t on a diet like that?
Improved User Interface
You can now keep a closer look on your Vikings with an observation window. This can be turned off on slower machines.
Geologist signs are now clickable. If you click one, you will see what resource your geologist found.
The number of Vikings will now be constantly displayed.
Tooltips will now show nutrition facts.
Open Game
This mode instantly offers all game elements right from the start: the mountain is more diverse, the enemies significantly more dangerous and you can construct all available buildings right away. However, you can’t unlock further game elements and  your Vikings won’t accumulate Honor in this game mode.
Nibble & Nap
Your Vikings’ needs got a thorough overhaul (sleeping & eating). Each Viking now has a meter ranging from 0 to 25 indicating the need for food and sleep.
Faster progress
We sped up progress regarding unlockable content. You can now play larger maps faster. Also, farmers and bakers are now earlier accessible.
Halloween theme
More on this later!