Den skulle faktisk have været udgivet forlængst som en del af Square Enix Collective programmet. Sådan går det nogle gange med indie titler så nu ser det ud som om at spillet er ved at være klar. Der er en demo på

Now The Girl of Glass is almost finished and ready for the premiere. What’s more, I even have a playable demo ready for everyone who would like to try it! It is available on my website, and it would mean a lot to my friends and me if you could share it with your community:

Check my website 

Let me explain what you can expect from the game. It’s an emotional summer tale which combines a colorful point and click adventure with strategic turn-based combat to tell the story of Kristal, The Girl of Glass. Her name isn’t a coincidence, she’s a fragile girl who’s been granted asylum by the owner of the circus, where she lived and worked for years. Now she’s grown up and looking for the true meaning of her life. To do that, she decides to leave the circus… but it won’t be as easy as it sounds…