EA og Maxis er ude med en ny opdatering til SIMS 4, der giver spillerne mulighed for at tilpasse pronominerne på de simmere, de opretter. 

Inklusivitet er en kerneværdi i The Sims, og arbejdet med at gøre The Sims 4 mere inkluderende og kønsneutralt er en løbende proces.Til at begynde med vil tilpassede pronominer kun være tilgængelige på engelsk, men planen er, at funktionen efterhånden skal blive tilgængelig på alle 18 sprog.

Inclusivity has been a core value of The Sims for more than 22 years, and the team believes diversity drives their innovation and community forward. It was important to The Sims development team to get the pronouns feature right, and they worked closely with the It Gets Better Project and GLAAD to better understand the use and impact of pronouns and where binary representations of gender are present in The Sims 4

Beginning today, players can experience the first version of the customizable pronouns update in the English version of the game. This first update is just one step in the direction of a more inclusive experience for Simmers, and the team intends to update and improve this feature over time to support more languages.

You can learn more about the team’s research into implementing customizatizable pronouns and how players can change the pronouns of their Sims in Create-a-Sim here: LINK