Ubisoft har annonceret at Trials Fusion i begyndelsen af 2015 får en gratis opdatering der tilføjer team og multiplayer. Det bliver muligt at være 4 spillere på Xbox 360 mens du kan være 8 på Xbox One, PlayStation 4 og PC. Der bliver følgende 3 multiplayer spiltyper:

• Online X-Supercross- up to eight players race on three random tracks, after which a winner is announced based on an accumulative best score.

• Private Game- up to eight players select which tracks to race and customize race parameters such as gravity of the track, modifying bike speed, or inverting the bike’s controls.

• Private Game with Spectator- Players looking to watch online multiplayer select the tracks and parameters for the race and invite eight other players to ride so they can kick-back and watch the race. These matches can also be broadcast using streaming platforms.