Vi er nok mange der kender Ultra Street Fighter IV fra PC, Playstation 3 og Xbox 360, men nu kan vi glæde alle jer Playstation 4 ejere, med at spillet også snart rammer jeres konsol.

Vi vil lige kort løbe igennem, hvilke features som spillet indeholder:

  • New Characters: Five new characters: Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre join the fight, complete with their own unique play styles, bringing the current roster count to a massive 44 characters.
  • New Stages: Six new battle environments: Pitstop 109, Mad Gear Hideout, Cosmic Elevator, Blast Furnace, Half Pipe, and Jurassic Era Research Facility, have been added for even more visual variety.
  • Rebalanced Gameplay: Direct fan feedback was gathered on all of Super Street Fighter IV AE’s original 39 characters and core system mechanics in order to achieve the most balanced Street Fighter ever.
  • New Modes and Features: Brand new modes and features further add to the suite of gameplay options:
    Team Battle Mode – allows players to team up in online only, elimination style 3v3 battles. The health bar carries over from each match, making it the ultimate test of endurance.
    Online Training Mode – gives players new options to train together with their friends online.
    Red Focus – players can now utilize super meter to absorb multiple hitting attacks, allowing them to go on the offensive in situations that were not possible before.
    Delayed Standing – creates new mind games and gameplay depth by allowing players to slightly delay their wake up timing.
    Ultra Combo Double – provides players the option to use both Ultra Combos during a match, at the cost of reduced damage.
    Edition Select – duke it out across history, as players can select their favorite version of any character to create dream matchups that will determine who the strongest fighter really is.
  • Disc and Digital Delivery: Available as both a downloadable upgrade and full retail product, making it easy for veterans and newcomers to experience the fight of the century.
  • Over 100 DLC Costumes (retail or full download ver. only): Purchase the retail or full download version and get access to over 100 DLC costumes included on disc!
  • PS4 version contains all costume DLC released to date, making it the ultimate package!

Så som i kan se, så er der en masse at gå i krig med, og så kan i endda nyde alle de DLC kostumer der er til Ultra Street Fighter IV uden beregning.

Ultra Street Fighter IV udgives til Playstation 4 den 26. Maj men vil kun være tilgængeligt på Playstation Store, men vi har hørt at spillet vil koste i omegnen af 200 Kroner, så det er da et fund for de penge.