Brown Dust er et strategi RPG fra NEOWIZ. I den seneste opdatering ‘Black Roses of the Long-Range Scout Force’ finder du nye Mercenaries, Companions, og så det tidsbegrænsede tilbud ‘Valentine Package’ som gælder til 15. februar.

About the ‘Valentine Package’
Players on the ‘Americas’ server can redeem the code “browndustarticle” via the in-game Coupon Code form and will obtain the special reward ‘Valentine Package’ (Limit 1 Per Account) containing 20 Premium Scrolls, eight Emerald Slimes, 100 Normal scrolls, five ★3 Rank-Up Stars, and 250,000 Gold.

Meet the New Mercenaries and Companions

Lyudmila, a ★5 Warrior who ignores taunts and attacks up to three enemies at the rear of formations, deals massive amounts of additional damage to Magicians and main targets. Joining Lyudmila is Crohina, serving as both her master’s student and confidant.

Lulu, a ★4 Supporter whose Debuff Counter weakens enemies, increasing AGI while reducing Incoming DMG, bestows a Healing Skill that will massively boosts allies’ survival. Joining Lulu is her guardian and loving antagonizer Yevna, a proven medic and interrogator for the Rian Task Force’s Black Rose.