Så er udgiveren Curve Digital klar med en dato for FuturLab’s hit Velocity 2X til Nintendo Switch der første gang blev udgivet til PS Vita i 2014. Vi følger Lt. Kai Tana kamp mod racen Vokh efter hendes Quarp Jet er blevet suget ind i et sort hul.

“This is the ultimate version of Velocity 2X,” said FuturLab Managing Director James Marsden. “On Nintendo Switch, players will get the complete, no-compromise home console/PC version with all the graphical bells and whistles, whether playing at home on their TV at 1080p and 60fps, or on the Switch screen at 720p and 60fps.”

“FuturLab have put a lot of effort into this release, we hope Nintendo players get as addicted to Velocity 2X as we are when it launches on September 20th,” said Cédrine Décoret, Product Manager.