Torment: Tides of Numenera er et episk rolle spil der foregår i Monte Cook’s hvor videnskab og fantasi er smeltet sammen i et fremtid univers. Det er efterfølgeren til det roste Planescape Torment og kommer til at tilbyde en unik oplevelse i et tur baseret kampsystem. Spillet udkommer til PC, XO og PS4 i 2017.

Overfor ser du klassen Jack og nedenfor Glaive.

Jack offers quick wit, cunning play and charm, but is not limited to one skill or tactic, essentially making him the Jack of all trades. Players who want to explore and truly interact with their surrounding and the characters inhabiting the world need look no further. The Jack has the widest variety of skills to develop and can call upon a range of tricks to avoid direct combat.

Glaives are the elite warriors of the Ninth World – brandishing a diverse range of weaponry and offering a balance between might and speed. They are also the only class who can attack twice in one turn. Glaives engage in direct combat and enjoy a high defence rating. If you’re looking to develop a warrior with slow and powerful attacks, capable of absorbing lots of damage, or one who relies more on speed and agility then the Glaive should be your character of choice.

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