Glyph har en stor succes her på redaktionen da vi anmeldte spillet. Nu har du mulighed for at vinde en kode til Steam versionen.

Spillet udgives snart til Steam. Og det fejrer Bolverk Games med en kæmpe giveaway. De stiller nemlig 50 koder på højkant. Det eneste du skal gøre for at få muligheden for at vinde en kode, er at sætte Glyph på din ønskeliste, og derefter uploade et screenshot af det inde på deres Discord kanal inden den 9. april. Læs meget mere om det her:

WIN: 50 game key GLYPH giveaway

Coming soon to Steam: New 3d platformer, Glyph, from Bolverk Games. 

Glyph’s gripping gameplay, which combines breathtaking aerial maneuvers with tranquil exploration, will soon make its way to Steam!

As some of the keenest among you will observe, this new Glyph game builds upon our old VR version and is at first glance similar in name, appearance, and gameplay. Therefore, we have decided to retire the VR version.

However, our new Glyph title has been thoroughly refined and improved over the last two years to become an entirely new game experience and does NOT require a VR headset to enjoy.

Start your journey by adding Glyph to your wishlist today! 👇

Here is how you participate in the raffle …

Join us on our]official Discord and share with us a screenshot showing that you have added the new Glyph title to your wishlist. Look for #The-Raffle. You can’t miss it.

For your awesome display of Glyph patriotism, you will be part of our Glyph raffle! We are giving away one FREE GAME for every ten wishlist entries (capped at 50) before the deadline.

Deadline April 9!