Whispers of a Machine ude nu


Hvis du er til point&click eventyr så er Whispers of a Machine lige noget for dig. Her følger du Vera som efterforsker en række mord i en verden hvor AI er forbudt. Det er ude til Steam, Android og iOS. Vi kommer med en anmeldelse.

Step into the role of Vera, a cybernetically enhanced agent of the Central Bureau who has just taken the Blue (a.k.a. has just received cybernetic augmentations), as she begins to investigate a string of murders.  But what starts as a routine case quickly unfolds into something more when Vera unravels a dark conflict over forbidden technology. 
Vera has access to augmentations that are essential in her investigation, and how she interacts with people will determine which augmentations she receives and how people perceive her. Different augmentations provide alternative solutions for puzzles and varying experiences with characters, playthroughs from player to player can be quite different.

Whispers of a Machine was created by Clifftop Games, the developer behind the award-winning Kathy Rain, and Faravid Interactive, who released the mature investigative drama The Samaritan Paradox. The voice acting is directed by IGF-nominated adventure game veteran Dave Gilbert (UnavowedBlackwell series). Lots of adventure game talent here!