Det er 40 år siden at G.I. JOE: Real American Hero legetøjet ramte hylderne. Nu kan du opleve Hasbro’s ikoniske G.I. JOE karakterer, Cover Girl og The Baroness, i World of Tanks.

The legendary G.I. JOE: Real American Hero toy line marks its 40th anniversary and World of Tanks is proud to join the celebration of this major milestone.  In 1982, G. I. JOE  334 in. action figures arrived on toy shelves, delivering a new and adventurous play experience that has endured for decades. World of Tanks commemorates this milestone for the G.I. JOE franchise with new 3D styles, new female commanders, G.I. JOE themed web event, and retro-awesome decals, emblems, and inscriptions for each faction.

Coming to take control of the battlefield; Hasbro’s iconic G.I. JOE characters, Cover Girl and The Baroness (in Crimson Strike Force uniform) as World of Tanks commanders. Both commanders are ready for any challenge the fight may bring. But what is an experienced commander without an equally formidable vehicle? Available to players will be two 3D styles inspired G.I. JOE vehicles: Cover Girl’s WOLVERINE and COBRA C.A.T.

The G.I. JOE WOLVERINE WoT Edition is for the Strv S1 tank, The Baroness’ C.A.T. (Crimson Attack Tank) WoT Edition is for M54 Renegade tank.

More adventure awaits with a challenging G.I. JOE themed web event where players may redeem codes to receive emblems dedicated to the G.I. JOE 40th anniversary, and coupons to purchase G.I. JOE branded styles with a discount.

New decals and emblems will be available to mark this special event. Headlining the customization elements is the commemorative, customized G.I. JOE 40th anniversary emblem. Tankers will also get unique decals featuring the legendary G.I. JOE WOLVERINE and the COBRA C.A.T. (Crimson Attack Tank), depicted in all the retro-glory of their original package art.  Emblems include the G.I. JOE Star and the COBRA insignia.

Knowing is half the battle, so head on over to the dedicated article for more information about G.I. JOE 40th anniversary in-game offerings for World of Tanks –