Så er der frisk opdatering til WoWs hvor Brasiliens 200 års uafhængighed fejres. Du kan se mere i traileren.

Wargaming, publisher and developer of the naval multiplayer free-to-play game World of Warships, is bringing the heat this August with its newest update, packed with content including the return of the steel giant ‘Puerto Rico’, Brazilian Independence Day celebrations and a swathe of camera improvements. On top of all this, Update 0.11.7 brings with it the return of previously released Godzilla vs. Kong content and a number of quality of life changes.

200 years of Brazilian Independence

Celebrating Brazil’s Independence Day, a number of Brazilian rewards are up for grabs in the brand new port of Rio de Janeiro: with Tier V Pan-American battleship Rio de Janeiro and its White Swan permanent camouflage, Waves of Copacabana expendable camouflage and a commemorative flag available. The White Swan camouflage is up for grabs as the final reward to players who complete a special chain of combat missions and comes with a special surprise. Rio de Janeiro is equipped with 14 305 mm main guns that boast good accuracy and a high salvo weight. With both HE and AP shells and good combat capability, the ship can do significant damage to its enemies but lacks air defence weaponry and has a low low-speed threshold.

Two Titans return to battle

Bringing back a favorite IP, World of Warships’ collaboration with Godzilla vs. Kong sees the return of these two behemoths. Godzilla and Kong return as commanders for the battleships tier VIII Amagi and VIII North Carolina with their unique camouflages and a triumphant return to the seas. Finally, in this Warship’s resurrection of Godzilla vs. Kong, Ultimate Titan and Ultimate Guardian expendable camouflages will also be available for purchase.

Puerto Rico sails into the Dockyard

Taking the helm of this update is the return of Tier X American cruiser to the Dockyard, which sports 12 powerful 305mm guns spread across four main turrets, strong armor and a good amount of HP. To acquire this cruiser and the rewards coming with her, like the premium Tier VII Commonwealth destroyer Huron, players will need to complete 40 stages of construction before being awarded the ship which bears a Ceremonial permanent camouflage and is accompanied by a port slot, a Commander with 10 skill points and a commemorative flag. Those who already have Puerto Rico in their possession will also be rewarded for their efforts, with the Puerto Rico Certificate which can be exchanged at the Armory for Doubloons, Steel or Research Points, which will allow players to purchase another tier X ship.

Lights, Combat Camera, Action!

Improving both player experience and convenience, the combat camera has been updated with a narrower field to make the player’s ship the primary focus, and now offers two camera positions to choose from while aiming when using the spotter plane consumable. Two new settings have also been added, enabling the player to set the field of view and camera height from the ship. Camera performance has also been improved for tracking flying projectiles, and can now track aircraft when using Airstrike