Så er udviklerne Games Farm og 3Division ude med Air Missions: HIND til Nintendo Switch. Du bliver placeret i sædet på den legendariske Mi-24 Hind som også kaldes en flyvende tank. Du vælger dine våben afhængig af missionen. Der er både UPK 23 maskinkanoner, GUV gun pods, FAB bomber og forskellige raketter og misiler. Det er Grindstone der står som udgiver.

When piloting the helicopter, players can switch between a simulation style first person cockpit view, gunners seat view or external third person view depending on your play style or mission goals. Combined with three helicopter difficulty levels to master, Air Missions: HIND offers lots of replayability options across the various missions. 

Fly single player campaign missions based on fictional conflicts in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Arctic Ocean and Southeast Asia. Buddy up with a friend and take the fight to the enemy in the action packed online co-op mode or test your mettle in thrilling multiplayer matches including deathmatch and instant action modes. 

Nintendo Switch players will also receive three bonus Russian built helicopters to pilot in Air Missions: HIND including the Mi-28 Havok two seater anti-armour attack helicopter, the Mi-8 Hip medium twin-turbine helicopter and the Ka-50 Hokum single-seat attack helicopter. 


  • Take control of the Mi-24 assault helicopter, a.k.a the flying tank.
  • Campaign mode with fifteen missions based on fictional conflicts. 
  • Customise and equip your helicopter with an arsenal of missiles, machine guns and rockets.
  • Four different environments to master: Central Asia, Eastern Europe, The Arctic Ocean and Southeast Asia.
  • Fly combat missions in single and multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Instant Action and Online Co-op.
  • Master three different helicopter control difficulty levels.
  • Three bonus Russian built attack helicopters to pilot. 

Air Missions HIND is developed by Games Farm and 3Division and published by Grindstone and is available to buy now from the European Nintendo eShop for £22.99/€24.99 and from 24th September in the North American Nintendo eShop for $24.99.