Så er LEGO DOTS klar med mønstre til Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Det er en sjov lille cross over hvor du ved at scanne QR koder kan få LEGOP DOTS ind i Animal Crossing. Læs mere nedenfor og se det sjove Halloween trailerer selvom det faktisk ikke har det store med Halloween at gøre. Men sjov er den jo.

Hvad går det ud på?

  • Fans af LEGO og Nintendos Animal Crossing: New Horizons kan nu forene to interesser i samme spil.
  • Fra i dag kan man nemlig tilføje en række farverige og spændende LEGO DOTS-mønstre til vægge og gulve i Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Alle digitale DOTS-mønstre, der tilbydes til Animal Crossing: New Horizons, udspringer af de fysiske fliser og mønstre i LEGO DOTS, og ligesom i det virkelige liv kan man som spiller give fantasien frit løb og skab sine egne farverige mønstre.
  • Der frigives i alt 17 generiske LEGO DOTS-mønstre til tapeter, gulve, tæpper og avatarer. De er gratis og kan hentes via QR-koder på denne side: www.lego.com/dots-animalcrossing
  • I anledning af lanceringen dagen før halloween udgiver LEGO også fem skægge halloween DOTS-mønstre

Fans of Animal Crossing and LEGO® DOTS rejoice! Time to flavour your world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with new colourful LEGO DOTS patterns, available from today.

Earlier this year, the 2D tile-based play concept LEGO DOTS was introduced when artist Camille Walala unveiled ‘HOUSE OF DOTS’ – an interactive installation that demonstrated the endless creative possibilities this play theme provides. With its multiple shapes and colours, LEGO DOTS offers a fun new way to design surfaces and customise for individual self-expression.

The concept was created based on research showing that kids increasingly look to shape their creative confidence through more personalised forms of play where they can explore freely and express themselves through their own designs. 

From today, you can add a range of colourful and exciting DOTS patterns to your own personal Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. Try out different patterns for your walls and floors to create a lively interior, spice up your decoration flair with beautiful art canvases or rugs to express your own unique style.

This first sprinkle of DOTS patterns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes off with a spooky twist: Halloween! Select patterns will include classic Halloween references such as ghosts, and bats, and allow playful souls to celebrate this magic season with all surprises and trick or treats that follow, regardless of any Covid-19 related restrictions fans may be facing in the real world.

All digital DOTS patterns offered for Animal Crossing: New Horizons reflect the physical tiles and patterns of LEGO DOTS, and much like in real life, people can unlock their creativity and express themselves through a variety of colourful patterns.

When the real world became reduced due to COVID-19 limitations, Animal Crossing: New Horizons allowed millions of fans to spend time in a new, fruitful digital world on their very own island. Personalising and building a dream island for creative expression and fun. Through these new DOTS patterns, which create cool options for personalisation, the LEGO Group hopes to add creative possibilities to this immersive experience that celebrates play and self-expression.  

Fans interested in new dazzling designs for their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island can now download a total of 17 generic DOTS patterns and five Halloween DOTS patterns across wallpapers, flooring, canvases, rugs and avatars via QR codes here: www.lego.com/dots-animalcrossing

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