Vi har tidligere dækket denne underholdende titel som findes på Switch og PS4. Den udkom også på Steam i august så her hvor efteråret sniger sig ind, så kommer vi lige med traileren så du kan se hvordan det er at bage i en voldeligt men nuttet miljø for mellem 2 og 4 spillere.

Buns are baked, locked and loaded, and today Bake ‘n Switch makes its commercial debut on Steam! Streamline Games’ anticipated couch co-op with online multiplayer for 2-4 players is now available on Steam for USD 29.99!
Get ready to join the Bakers – Ginger, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Sage and Salt – in a sweet and savory adventure to save the world from the spread of The Mould infection! Featuring 100 levels spread across two worlds – the lush palms and sandy beaches of Tropic Toaster or the harsh and unforgiving desert terrain of Serradurra – Bake ‘n Switch will have you battling with, or against, up to 4 players in co-op, PvP levels or Team v Team, where it’s every Baker for themself! Each of the 7 Bun breeds has its own unique behavior, which can help and sometimes hinder your progress as you battle through fast-paced baking action level after level, fighting off Mouldies to merge, punch and bake these adorable doughballs before time runs out. Max out your scores to win special costumes and challenge yourself in stormy maps where weather and enemies are more tricky. Hey, it’s a breadful task, but someone’s gotta “dough” it!

“After all of the work we’ve put into Bake ‘n Switch over the past couple of years, this is truly an exciting day,” said Stefan Baier, COO of Streamline Games. “We want to thank our amazingly  vibrant and hilarious community for all of the support, and we really look forward to hearing what  you think of the finished product. And don’t forget to watch out for Bake ‘n Switch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation soon!”

Visit the new Bake ‘n Switch website to stay up on the latest news, including FREE expansion packs and DLC coming as soon as October 2020 and beyond, so that your #getbaked journey never gets stale!