Så er HTC VIVE også gået ind i ræset for at øge profit med NFT. Med VIVE BYTES har HTC skabt en platform hvor der kan handles unik digital kunst som NFT. Platformen går live 27. januar hvor du kan træde ind i den virtuelle online udstilling. Du kan så få lov til at bruge dine penge på unik digital kunst som uden videre kan kopieres af andre selvom du ved at det digitale NFT fingeraftryk som findes i din digitale pung er den eneste original.

VIVEPORT, HTC’s virtual reality (VR) content platform, today announced the launch of VIVE BYTES. The NFT marketplace will initially focus on Anime, Cartoon, and Games (ACG) themed NFTs, which consumers will be able to purchase in fiat and cryptocurrencies. VIVE Bytes goes live on 27 January with an inaugural sales event of exclusive NFTs from the Step into Cat Art Online Exhibition.

VIVE BYTES provides easy access to the world of NFTs, and gamification features for all users. VIVE BYTES supports both fiat and cryptocurrency payments to make NFT shopping as easy as online shopping. In addition to direct sales, NFT mystery boxes and auction features, consumers can link MetaMask wallets to their accounts.

The first wave of VIVE BYTES products will include NFTs of the famous CAT ART works created by Shu Yamamoto. The NFT for the entire “The Hisstine Chapel” ceiling painting can be claimed by joining a series of “Collect-to-Unlock” NFT Blind Box special events. Customers who purchase CAT ART painting NFTs in the following weeks will be eligible to purchase limited-edition 3D CAT ART model NFTs.

Visitors to the Step into Cat Art Exhibition can browse the paintings in the exhibition rooms, and then seamlessly access the VIVE BYTES NFT marketplace to collect their favorite CAT ART NFTs.

Joseph Lin, general manager at VIVEPORT, said, “NFTs are changing how we think about identity and ownership, and VIVE Bytes is at the forefront of unlocking the potential of creative works and making digital works more accessible for consumers and creators. Following the launch of the world’s first Cat Art online exhibition with our partners last year, we’re delivering new formats of CAT ART NFTs – enabling visitors to grow and diversify their collection of digital works.”

Cat fans around the world can enjoy all the seven themed exhibition rooms of the virtual “CAT ART” exhibition

The Step into Cat Art Online Exhibition has now officially opened all seven exhibition rooms to the public worldwide until May 31, 2022. In addition to the five previously opened rooms showcasing “The Hisstine Chapel,” “Mewna Lisa,” and “The Kitty with The Pearl Earring,” new rooms including “Daily Life of Common Cats” and “Cat Art” are now available for visitors to access through their mobile phones, computers, or any VR device, allowing them to interact with meow paintings and other visitors at any time. On top of the seven themed rooms, the online exhibition also features several secret chambers for visitors to explore.

Tickets for the Step into Cat Art Online Exhibition are available on the official website. People who purchase a ticket can visit this exhibition an unlimited number of times on different devices using the same account, for the duration of the exhibition period.