Der er ikke tvivl om at det ypperste af racing gaming gear kommer fra Fanatec. Du kan nu finde den nye CSL DD til forudbestilling på webshoppen. Den kommer til at sætte dig lige omkring 2.600 kr. tilbage. Du kan selvfølgelig vælge sættet til små 5.000. Vi har en oversigt af de forskellige komponenter nedenfor.

Her er linket til den Europæiske butik

As a reminder, the CSL DD (5 Nm) starts at 349.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 349.95 USD (excl. VAT), 599.95 AUD, 47,900 JPY. 

When you add it to the basket, you’ll be asked whether you wish to upgrade to the Boost Kit 180 (8 Nm). If you add the Boost Kit 180 in this way, the discount will automatically be applied, meaning that you will have 8 Nm direct drive performance for 479.95 EUR (incl. VAT), 479.95 USD (excl. VAT), 829.90 AUD, 65,500 JPY. 

We are also listing a CSL DD + Boost Kit 180 Bundle, which is simply another way to add the two items to your basket with the same discount applied.

We’ve also introduced some new wheels recently: the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5, and ClubSport Universal Hub V2 / V2 for Xbox and all its associated wheel rim bundles, and of course these are all compatible with the CSL DD.

The response to the pre-order waves has been incredible. Without a doubt, this is the largest product launch in the company’s history. We’re reshaping the sim racing world together!

Some of you may have noticed that the shipping date is changing as more pre-orders are placed. The date you see when completing the purchase is the date valid for your order. The delivery estimate is related to several production batches due to arrive at different times in our warehouses. 

We are working hard to ship products as quickly as possible but as you’re probably aware, generally availability of chips and other components has been limited this year, which is impacting us along with the rest of the tech industry. However, the estimated shipping dates shown on the website right now are precise and we are really confident there will not be any further changes.

The CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren V2 and CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC remain the best choices for creating a ‘starter set’, depending on whether you want a modern GT3-style wheel or a more general-purpose round wheel. Both enable Xbox compatibility too. By combining one of these wheels with the new CSL Pedals, you can have an incredible ready-to-race setup for just 629.85 EUR (incl. VAT), 629.85 USD (excl. VAT), 1079.75 AUD, 84,200 JPY.  

FANATEC® Direct-Drive technology comes to the CSL Series. From subtle sidewall flex to powerful self-aligning torque, you’ll feel everything with a heightened sense of realism. Exceptionally crisp and dynamic force feedback sensations await.

The 100% custom motor was developed in Germany specifically for sim racing. It delivers sensational performance thanks to patented FluxBarrier™ technology, communicating the nuances of force feedback detail to your hands with remarkable clarity.

You can choose between the CSL DD (5 Nm peak torque with standard 90W power supply) or the CSL DD with Boost Kit 180 (8 Nm peak torque with 180W power supply). If you decide to purchase the CSL DD with Boost Kit 180 right away, you’ll save another 20 €/$. 

Thanks to direct drive technology, the CSL DD at 5 Nm delivers better performance than the CSL Elite Wheel Bases, while the CSL DD with Boost Kit 180 (8 Nm) easily surpasses the performance of the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 at a much lower price (479.95 €/$ vs 549.95 €/$)! Newton-metre values aren’t everything – it’s the fidelity that is raising the bar here.

In addition to the CSL DD we also have brand new pedals. The CSL Pedals are solidly built from steel and both the throttle and brake axes use precision Hall-effect sensors. This makes them the most affordable Hall-effect sensor pedal set on the market. There is also an optional Clutch Kit available to easily make it a three-pedal set.

If you want a suitable alternative to hard-mounting your wheel base, the CSL DD Table Clamp provides a secure mounting solution that is easy to attach and remove. Made from glass fibre-reinforced plastic, specifically for the CSL DD.