Vi var så heldige at få et glimt af fremtiden da vi var på Fractured Online Guided Tour. Nu kan vi give jer meget mere information om fremtiden for Fractured Online. Læs med her:

gamigo and Dynamight Studios are pleased to unveil the roadmap leading up to the launch of the first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG, Fractured Online. The infographic highlights key moments in the title’s development leading up to its launch this winter.

The road to launch begins in Spring 2022. Fractured Online has already started to receive its first key updates, including a new continent, a major expansion to the game’s crafting mechanic, and 24/7 access to game servers. The next milestones to follow will add seasons and leaderboards to the game and German and French localization.
Summer 2022 welcomes a new race – the Wildfolk – along with a new planet, endgame PvP events, and the inclusion of a day/night cycle.

Autumn 2022 introduces the Demon race along with a new planet, the implementation of religions, and another expansion to the crafting system. New languages and additional tech updates will also be released.

Winter 2022 is when Fractured Online enters its final stretch. The title still has a few surprises for launch, including a new feature that’s not yet ready to announce. Stay tuned to learn more!

The brave and the bold who would like to join our journey to Fractured Online’s launch can jump into its Closed Beta which is currently underway! Head on over to to purchase a discounted version of the game and immediately gain access to the Closed Beta.

For more information on Fractured Online, please visit the following link: