Så er det blevet tid til en kult klassiker når Coffee Stain Studio og Double Eleven’s Goat Simulator: The Bundle udkommer til PlayStation 4. De kommer til at koste ca. 150 kr. og vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

       Includes Goat Simulator and its 2 DLC add-ons, GoatZ & MMO simulator, for one of the biggest goat bundles to date on PlayStation®4!
·        Destroy and wreck stuff as much as possible in style! Do a backflip while head-butting a bucket through a window to earn ultimate goat points!
·        Embark on an adventure in a simulated goat MMO world! Play as 5 different classes, complete dozens of quests and level up 101 times!
·        Survive in a simulated zombie apocalypse! Craft items, explore a new zombie map and unlock super powered goats!