Blizzard har annonceret at deres free-2-play team brawler, Heroes of the Storm, i dag starter den europæiske beta. Her får du mulighed for at kæmpe som nogle af de figurer som Blizzard har gjort kendte gennem de sidste 20 år. Har du ikke en beta nøgle kan du ansøge her:

De seneste opdateringer inkluderer:

·        New Battleground—Sky Temple, a new desert-themed Battleground, challenges players to fight for control of ancient Temples. Once captured, these Temples fire devastating beams of energy toward enemy structures.

·        New Hero—Thrall, Warchief of the Horde, is the newest melee assassin to join the Nexus, bringing fearsome abilities, including Chain Lightning, Windfury, and Earthquake.

·        Hero League—This new Ranked Play mode enables players (who are level 30 and own at least 10 Heroes) to queue up alone or in a party of up to five for ranked, competitive matches against other players of similar skill and party size.

·        Draft Mode—Utilize this mode to build a competitive team composition, counter your opponent’s picks, and dominate the Battleground objectives.