Så er der nyt fra HyperX som har en samarbejdsaftale med en af Norges største streamere Emizia. Du kan se et klip nedenfor og lidt mere om Emzia her under og hendes råd til at få succes som streamer.

HyperX are proud to be partnered with many talented streamers and content creators across the globe. There are many inspiring and skilled women in the HyperX family, and among them is Norwegian streamer Emzia. Emilie, which is her real name, has been hooked on video games since she was a kid, which led to her choice to start streaming in the summer of 2015.

Since then Emzia has created a big and thriving community around her streams as well as a successful brand of her own. With her positive, welcoming attitude and entertaining gameplay, Emzia has become one of Norway’s leading streamers. We had a chat with Emzia to learn more about her journey and her insights from building her community and brand.

How did you get into streaming?
I was watching some streams on Twitch while being busy with studies, and thought it looked really fun sharing your gaming experience with others. About a year later I set up my first ever stream with some help from a friend. 
What’s the thing you like the most with being a gamer and streamer?
I love how helpful and including big parts of the gaming community is. I have gotten to know so many awesome people while gaming and streaming, it has made my life better in so many ways! I’ve also gotten some cool opportunities I would never have gotten if it wasn’t for the stream. 
What kind of challenges does female streamers and gamers face?
There will always be trolls online and sadly a lot of women get extra targeted just for their gender. However, I think it’s getting better each year and especially since women are more visible in gaming now than before. 
How has streaming changed since you started?
It has gone from being almost a bit «underground» to becoming a lot more mainstream. There’s also a lot more platforms to choose from than before, and the whole industry has also gotten a lot more professional. I would say it’s become a lot easier to start streaming given all the helpful platform features and guides out there that didn’t exist 5-6 years ago. 
Do you have any advice to women and girls that want to get into gaming/streaming?
Don’t be afraid to take the step! Gaming is fun and can be such a social hobby where you get to know a lot of new people. If you want to try streaming: watch streamers you look up to and get inspiration from them.
What advice would you give to someone wanting to grow their brand and perhaps secure partnerships?
Try to build up a social media profile on platforms that feels natural to you. This will make it easier for brands to discover you and get an idea of who you are. It’s also smart to think about what kind of content and values you are communicating. Being a good role model online can definitely increase your chances of getting partnerships.