Det er i morgen 16. august at Rollerdrome rammer. Det er det seneste spil fra Private Division og Roll7. Det er et spil som foregår i fremtiden og som er skabt med et tegneserieudtryk. Du kan se video om både tilblivelsen af det visuelle udtryk og lyden af 2030 nedenfor.

In “Characters & Comic Book Style of 2030” Character Artist Rachel Cox and Lead Artist Antoine Dekerle share insights on their work creating the various characters and world of Rollerdrome.  Rachel Cox was responsible for all characters in the game but most importantly created the look of the main protagonist, Kara Hassan. Rachel explains her exploration process behind creating this serious newcomer to the brutal sport. Antoine Dekerle reveals how comics lead him throughout the creation of this dystopian world. Check out the video to learn how the corporate controlled blood sport and characters came into digital existence:

In “The Sound of 2030” cult composer Electric Dragon shares his key inspirations for merging iconic 1970’s textures and sounds with modern day driving beats for Rollerdrome. For the creation of the soundtrack, the electronic artist immersed himself into the game’s 2030 setting as seen through a 1970’s retro-futuristic lens. “It’s been really refreshing to dive into the 70’s and I kind of don’t wanna come out,” the artist reveals. Learn more about Electric Dragon’s Rollerdrome composition and discover some challenges the musician had to overcome: