Microïds afslører mere af “Moto Racer 4” i den første teaser trailer som også viser at det er kompatibelt med PlayStation VR. Denne kult klassiker udkommer 13. oktober til PS4, XO, PC og Mac. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

Developed by Microids and Artefacts Studio under the supervision of original creator Paul Cuisset, “Moto Racer 4” uses the latest in videogame engines, the Unreal Engine 4. “Moto Racer 4” revives the winning formula that made the original trilogy so successful. Accessible and entertaining but definitely not always fair-play with the possibility to shove the opponents, the two-wheel racing game alternates between high-speed and motocross courses. Players possessing a Playstation VR headset (available in October 2016) can immerse themselves in the game using the special VR features and experience videogame racing like never before.

To recap, these are the main features revealed about Moto Racer 4 so far:

  • Alternating high-speed / motocross courses
  • Traffic on the road
  • Split-screen multi-player mode
  • Online multi-player mode (2-10 players)
  • 60 images per second
  • Vehicle and rider customization
  • Possibility of colliding with opponents
  • Each player has a different personality and behaves differently
  • 15 single and multi-player game modes