EURO2016 er skudt i gang og dermed har du selv mulighed for at deltage i World of Tanks med den helt nye kampvogn FCM 50 t der er specielt hurtig og dermed perfekt til de hurtige 3 mod 3 kampe. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

It’s time for kick-off in World of Tanks. The special Tank Football 2016 event is now live, so lace up those boots and take to the battlefield in 3-vs-3 matches. This is also your last chance to register for the Tank Football 2016 tournament (closing June 15), so don’t miss out an opportunity to test your skills and win some great prizes.

In Tank Football 2016, scheduled to run for around a month, teams race to be the first to score three goals in a seven minute match. During the event, all players will be credited the unique T-62a Sport (T-62a S) with a free Garage slot. To join the event, all you have to do is select your T-62a S and click the Battle! button.

“You may think Tank Football 2016 is a reincarnation of what we had a couple of years ago,” said Anton Pankov, World of Tanks Global Publishing Producer. “However, the game has gone through a lot of changes since then. Tank Football 2016 sticks to the classic 3-vs-3 format, but the new game physics give you a lot more control to pull off great moves. With a new overtime mechanic implemented, games are now even more exciting because there’s no chance of a draw. Every match will have a winner.”

To register for the tournament, just build a team of 3 players then prove your skills. The four best teams get one year of Premium Account time and a Type 59 tank for each member. They will also have the chance to compete against the 4 best CIS teams for a chunk of a $5,000 prize pool. Set to take place on July 9, 4 EU and 4 CIS teams will face off with livestream coverage so you can watch the action wherever you are.