Så er Murkmire annonceret som opdatering til The Elder Scrolls Online. Det bliver 6. november på konsoller og allerede fra i dag på PC, at du kan vade gennem de sumpområder som beboes af Argonianerne. Samtidig er opdatering 20 ude gratis for alle. Du kan se mere i traileren nedenfor

The reclusive denizens of the Argonian’s swampy homeland are offering up their secrets, as ZeniMax Online Studios breaks the levees of The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest DLC zone. From today, PC and Mac players can investigate everything within this shadowy realm – from the ever-lethal flora and fauna, through the challenge of two new delves and two world bosses, to the full-blown battles that rage throughout Blackrose Prison.

We’re also offering up an all-new way for fans of the game to get into Murkmire. Players can either pay via traditional means – using 2000 of the in-game Crown currency, or by becoming an ESO Plus™ member – or by obtaining the DLC for free as a result of logging into the game for a total of 24 days in November. ESO Plus™ members will also benefit from an increase in the monthly Crown stipend from 1500 to 1650 from November 13th.

As for all our intrepid adventurers on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, they’ll be able to make their own mark on Hist-story from November 6th.

The free for everyone Update 20 has been released simultaneously with Murkmire. This includes the ability to reorder your heroes on the character creation screen, fully destructible – and repairable – bridges in the Cyrodiil Battleground, working Music Boxes as part of the Housing System, and more! The additions and improvements included in Update 20 are available free of charge for all players.

Additionally, we’re delighted to detail how players can get their hands on a majestic and, more importantly, free Nascent Indrik mount. Players simply need to participate in events spanning across four events — the Witches Festival, Clockwork City Celebration, the Undaunted Celebration and New Life Festival – starting October 18th and culminating on the January 2nd 2018. By participating, players can earn four exclusive Indrik Feathers which can then be exchanged for the mount.