Så er der et begrænset antal af Grind, Push Active og Dime fra Scullcandy i farvestrålende Pit Viper design. Det er ikke bare de enkelte earbuds som er farvestrålende. Det er også opbevaringsæsken som lader enhederne. Det er retro inspireret på den fede måde.

The limited-edition collection includes Skullcandy fan-favorites GrindPush Active and Dime true wireless earbuds redesigned with an impossibly rad, retro aesthetic. “With Skullcandy and Pit Viper sharing a love for the fast-living outdoor lifestyle and disrupting the status quo, we held nothing back as this collaboration is long overdue,” said Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer, Skullcandy. “We’ve adopted Pit Viper’s iconic, outrageously retro style, which has taken the realms of action sports and fashion by storm, encouraging our fans not to take life too seriously as they jam out in style.”  With these limited-edition Grind (£79.99 /€89.99) , Push Active (£79.99 /€89.99) and Dime (£39.99 /€44.99)true wireless solutions, 2025 meets the ‘90s, featuring a futuristic yet vintage-inspired neon pink, purple and blue colorway. Skullcandy took inspiration from one of Pit Viper’s popular colorways, “Midnight,” while incorporating signature Pit Viper elements, including splatter paint, iridium lenses and distinguishable color combinations.

“We’re stoked to unleash a collab that really tickles our fancy for music and for having a downright, damn good time,” said Emilia Szubzda, Marketing Director, Pit Viper. “Pit Viper and Skullcandy simultaneously bring the party to your eyes and ears in a way no other union could.”

Launching exclusively on Skullcandy.co.uk and skullcandy.eu 29th March 2022.