Saber Interactive og Focus Home Interactive har nu SnowRunner ude til for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, og PC desværre kun på Epic Games Store. Vi er i gang med at spille på PlayStation 4 og kommer snart med en anmeldelse.

SnowRunner will continue to grow after launch
In addition to its huge load of base game content, SnowRunner also proposes mods on PC at launch and later on consoles – check out the already available selection here – as well as free regular updates to enrich the experience further! For those eager for more, developers are working on a massive season pass available separately or bundled with the game in the Premium Edition. 
Delivered in four phases, each with its own theme and new region, the season pass will include brand new vehicles, new maps to explore and new activities, with much more released post-launch throughout 2020 and beyond.
Check out the content of Phase 1, available in the coming weeks, and get your gears ready to brave the tundra for the hunt of a lost wreckage of a World War II bomber.