Det er 28. april at SnowRunner bringer hardcore trucking til PlayStation 4, Xbox One og PC, desværre via Epic Games Store. Nedenfor finder du seneste trailer som viser vildmarken som kommer til at udfordre dine evner bag et rat.

In SnowRunner, finding a mission to take on is just the beginning. Blocking your path is the worst Mother Nature can throw at you, from deep mud and snowbanks to raging rivers and icy plains. Your tools are the truck you drive and the preparation you make – bring the right tools, equip the right gear, drive the right vehicle and you can conquer any challenge. Planning ahead is essential, whether you’re going alone or assembling the right team of three friends to take on challenges.

Hours upon hours of open-world trucking awaits with dozens of sandbox missions that can be completed your way and in whatever order you prefer. Find the perfect truck for the job, equip it as best you can, and start your adventure. Play solo or with up to three friends in co-op multiplayer.