Creative Mobile´s Fun Factory seneste spil War of Tanks: Clans er nu ude på Google Play. Du skal som kommandør styre op til tre kampvogne på skiftende slagmarker fra Anden Verdenskrig. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

In War of Tanks: Clans, players take command of a tank brigade in fierce battle with their enemies. Players have to conquer enemy lines with up to three tanks at once. The more battles are won, the more historical WWII tanks will be unlocked and available for epic showdowns on the front line. The newly appointed commander can choose from 30 different and well-known tanks, such as the light and maneuverable Pzkpfw II Luchs, or the legendary heavy Churchill. Each tank consists of 4 separate modules: top turret, chassis, tank shell, and weapon. Each of these modules can be upgraded with up to four modifications, so each tank is different, allowing players to adjust their tanks according to their individual style of play. New upgrades can be gained by winning battles, though a close look at the upgrade values is advised:  once a modification is made, it’s difficult to return to the previous state. Strategy and smart game play is a must, only players who manage their forces to match the enemy’s strengths can emerge from the battle field victorious.

The following five game modes are available:

· Campaign – A sequence of eight campaigns, which go through all stages of WWII.
· Quick Battle – A battle with other players online. Players can gain rating points and secure a spot on the leaderboards.
· Raid – Players will have to win six battles in a row. If victorious, they can receive unique prizes, from new modifiers to blueprints of new tanks.
· Operation – Players join a clan to fight other players. Overall success depends on the actions of all the players in the clan.
· Clan Wars – PvP battle between clans where strategy is just as important as fighting prowess.

World of Tanks: Clans is available now for Android on Google Play. Please find the direct link to the game here: apps/details?id=com. funfactory.tanks