Det kan godt være du normalt vil tage en kande frem med Gevalia til uventede gæster hvis du skal stole på reklamen. Det er lidt anderledes med de uventede gæster i WHALIEN. Se med her:

Austrian-based developers Forbidden Folds are happy to announce that their colorful puzzle adventure WHALIEN – Unexpected Guests will be released on January 24th. The third-person puzzle adventure set in a mechanical whale will be available for PC.

Fin, the mechanical whale, is a home and friend to Ernest Hemingwhale. In fact, Ernest is Fin’s sole remaining inhabitant and, as such, is tasked with keeping him safe and running smoothly. When mysterious and dangerous Squiddies begin taking over Fin’s body, it’s up to Ernest to take down the slimy threats. Ernest must use both his wits and special gloves and pearls – appropriately named Mr. Push and Mrs. Pull – to manipulate objects in the environment, solve puzzles, and send the Squiddies packing. Through unique, vibrant, and colorful environments, you delve deep into the inner workings of Fin, meet lovable characters, and help protect not only Ernest’s home but also his friend.
WHALIEN – Unexpected Guests will be available for PC via Steam from January 24th.