World og Tanks Blitz fylder år år og det fejres med masser af gaver og aktiviteter. WoTB er den uartige lillebror til World of Tanks. Det har siden udgivelsen i 2014 fået mere en 90 millioner spillere og forsætter med at vokse. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

World of Tanks Blitz is celebrating its third anniversary, and players can bet it’ll be bursting with awesome gifts. The game that started as a mobile only experience back in 2014 has turned into a multiplatform phenomenon. Today, World of Tanks Blitz welcomes over 90 million fans who just can’t get enough of rapid tank combat and fight tooth-and-nail for each victory.

“It’s been an extremely fun year for World of Tanks Blitz—the Dracula tank, Twister Cup, the game’s release on Steam, Valkyria content , additional equipment—a lot’s happened!” said Andrey Ryabovol, World of Tanks Blitz Publishing Product Director. “We also learned a great deal this year, especially during the last month. We want to extend a massive thank you to our fantastic players. In the coming year, we’ll be focusing on what you all want more than ever. But for now, we’re going to celebrate a bit, cheers.”

World of Tanks Blitz has been treating its dedicated community with a host of original events over the years. It made real and alternative histories clash on the battlefield more than once, letting players choose the tank that reflects their fighting spirit and individuality, and duke it out with Dracula in a T-54!

The game was also the first Wargaming title to begin cooperating with industry giants like SEGA, implementing tanks form Valkyria Chronicles, and creating Girls und Panzer tanks for all the anime fans out there. Recently, World of Tanks Blitz announced its unique Artist Signature Label. In it, the team cooperates with different artists, creating eye candy like the Okawara tank, collaborating with Russian artist Olga Krokhicheva for a series of game-inspired paintings, and creating an exclusive musical track with the Russian band Anacondaz.

In the future, fans of World of Tanks Blitz can expect more exciting collaborations, memorable events, and original content. And, taking another step to bring the game to as many tankers as possible, World of Tanks Blitz will be available on the Amazon Store—starting today!