Så er der gået 7 år med søslag på de 7 verdenshave med World of Warships. Dette fejres med opdatering 11.8 hvor der er nye genstande samt et Warship Strike minispil.

Wargaming, publisher and developer of the naval multiplayer free-to-play game World of Warships, is celebrating its seventh anniversary this September. To mark the occasion, it is releasing a number of in-game festivities including new rewards for battle performance, a themed collection, and the Warship Strike minigame. This update also sees the continuation of the Puerto Rico build in the Dockyard, new updated Operations, British battleships sailing into the tech tree, and more.

Birthday on board

Leading the update is a boatload of in-game celebrations to commemorate seven years of World of Warships. Players using ships of Tier V and above will receive a number of festive rewards, with “Special Bonus”, “Rare Bonus” and “Supercontainer” containers up for grabs depending on the ship used. In 7 years, many veterans players have hundreds ships in port now, and they’ll be able to collect multiple rewards from several of their craft in one battle. World of Warships will also welcome a new “Seven Seas” collection as part of the festivities, which takes players through the history of 16 of the game’s famous ports.

Wrapping up all these birthday festivities with a tidy bow is the relaxing Warship Strike minigame, inspired by a classic naval combat entertainment, available in the Armory. Players will be able to take on an AI opponent in a strategy-based game with the goal of winning festive tokens.

Updated Operations across the board

Operations have received thorough changes, with a wider set of ships available to participate. Rewards attained through Operations have also changed, with the opportunity to take home the new rewards more than once by completing special daily and weekly combat missions. Alongside these changes comes the return of three Operations, with “The Ultimate Frontier”, “Hermes” and the night operation “Cherry Blossom” back in 0.11.8.

British battleships make their way into the Tech Tree

Arriving from Early Access, eight British battleships introduced in the last two updates are now available for research in the Tech Tree. Amongst them are the iconic Renown and Indefatigable. Those swift ships feature accurate guns and torpedoes on board, as well as different consumables across the range of Tier V-X ships, including “Engine Boost”, “Defensive AA fire” and “Repair Party”.

Armory and Dockyard

The fast Tier X Spanish destroyer Álvaro de Bazán, accompanied by eight 135-mm main battery guns and two four-tube torpedo tubes, also makes its way into the Armory with it’s alternative firing mode.

Update 0.11.8 sees the continuation of the construction of American cruiser Puerto Rico, which will be available to players until the end of the update 0.11.10. The building process also rewards players who reach stage 25 out of 40 with Canadian destroyer Huron.