Så er opdatering 1.5.4 ude til Diablo Immortal. Den indeholder bl.a. tre nye tidsbegrænsede aktiviteter. Der er en ny spændende spidsrod hvor du skal forsøge at overleve 15 levels uden dit sædvanlige gear. Læs mere her

Welcome to part two of our August updates! In this one, we have two new limited time gameplay events, Fractured Plane and Echo of the Immortal. In Fractured Plane, players can enter a new plane of existence and fight to survive a harrowing 15-level gauntlet. In Echo of the Immortal, players will be able to face off in a repeatable PVP game mode of the Challenge of the Immortal. In addition to those two new events, we have a new way to earn rewards in Into the Dark Wood, the return of Hungering Moon, a brand-new cosmetic set, new legendary items, and a few feature updates. For a full look at all the content coming, check out our blog here.