Så er det muligt at forudbestille vinyl udgaven af Endless Space 2 lydsporet. Så hvis du er til både spil og vinyl så er alle detaljer nedenfor med en video her over.

What does a space opera sound like? It’s the exquisite mix of a 30-person orchestra, a full choir, and the reverberating synth work of our very own FlybyNo. And now, the highly-acclaimed Endless Space 2 soundtrack will finally be captured in a timeless 17-track double vinyl.

G4F Records, FlybyNo, and Amplitude Studios are partnering to offer a pre-order campaign for the records with limited edition rewards. The first 200 copies will be autographed by FlybyNo.

Up to 500 pre-orders, your purchase will also be accompanied by additional rewards including the digital version of the soundtrack, a special faction hero, and a unique ES2 slip-mat.

So be among the 1st 500 people to pre-order the vinyl before August 3rdst and profit from the limited edition rewards!

Pre-order the vinyl