Pig Eat Ball ude nu til konsoller


Så er der dømt klassisk 2D gådespil med udgivelsen af Pig Eat Ball som nu er ude til Switch, XO og PS4. Det er tidligere udkommet på Steam.

Originally released on SteamPig Eat Ball is a delirious top-down 2D action puzzle adventure about eating, getting fat, and barfing on things. The game features 200+ handmade stages and humongous battles with absurd bosses.

Pig Eat Ball packs all the fun and action of 80’s and 90’s arcade games, but into a spawling adventure world ready to be explored!”, says Nathan Fouts, CEO at Mommy’s Best Games. “The overworlds are crammed with silly encounters, and hilarious situations to uncover. Knocking those poor pillbugs around, and barfing on Pac-Man-like ghosts is a rare treat”.

In Pig Eat Ball you will play as Princess Bow and take part in the Royal Games organized by his father, the dessert-headed monarch King Cake. The aim of this competition is to find someone to marry the princess, but Princess Bow won’t let that happen!